Monday, January 11, 2010

Heather Hawkins: Exceptional Handbags & Accessories for the New Year

Heather Hawkins' line of incredible handbags and accessories exemplifies her belief that beauty arises when passion is coupled with talent. Hawkins' passion for design was inspired at a young age while spending time at her grandmother's custom drapery and interior design shop. While there, she was exposed to a myriad of colorful fabrics and styles that embarked a lifelong journey to create. While in school at the College of Charleston, Hawkins enrolled in a sculpture class that opened her eyes to the possibilities of working in the third dimension and she began applying this skill to fashion in the form of handbags.

After completing her double majors in both business and studio art, Hawkins began designing, producing, and selling her handbags to individuals and boutiques all over the southeastern United States. Hawkins' business continued to grow and she began feeling a desire to be among more designers and people of fashion. For that reason, Hawkins moved her business to Los Angeles, California. After arriving in Los Angeles, she desired to learn how the industry functioned in this mecca of the design world. Hawkins took a job with a trendy boutique in order to better understand this new market. The experience was invaluable and she learned aspects of both the business side of the industry in addition to identifying the fashion desires of potential customers.

After her move and much preparation Hawkins combined all her skills and officially launched her line of handbags in the spring of 2005. Her line was soon selling to boutiques and department stores all over the world. Her handbags are now continuously seen on the red carpet and in the pages of highly coveted magazines such as Lucky, In Style, and Bazaar. Hawkins loves the process of creating her handbags and thoroughly enjoys the ability of having her customers be able to enjoy and appreciate her high-quality, classic pieces for years to come.

Heather Hawkins currently resides in Santa Monica, CA. Hawkins' handbag collection offers a variety of trademark totes, casual clutches, wallets, and evening bags.

Stingray Mirage

Wrap this Stingray bracelet around your arm and live like a rock star. Genuine, authentic Stingray is sewn onto Italian leather and easily ties closed to fit a variety of wrist sizes. Even girls with those tiny wrists can wear our bracelets. Logo and name are stamped onto the back of each bracelet.

Dimensions: (1.5”W x 6”L)
Made in USA
Genuine Stingray Skin

Colors Available: Gold, Gold Black, Grey/Blue Opal


An elegant, simple zip-top clutch to be used for any occassion. This bag is available in metallic or natural colored imported, hand-picked Italian leathers. It has a zip closure at the top and is beautifully lined with a zip pocket. All high-end line, quality zippers and materials are used to make this clutch.

Dimensions: 11"L x 6"H
Made in USA
Genuine Italian Leather

Colors Available: Black, Bark, Blonde, Bronze, Python

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Advertorial from Heather Hawkins

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