Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Fantasy Forest: Luxury Cat Furniture for Spoiled Rotten Kitties

One of the most unique and attractive lines of cat furniture available today. They look like real trees and each one is Handcrafted with a 100% wood frame and created to blend in with your decor, so you can feel good having them in your living area. These beautiful life-Like luxury cat trees are perfect for climbing, hiding, lounging, playing and sleeping. Hidden Hollow Trees allow your precious cats to play "in the great outdoors" safely inside. A piece of artwork for your home and A Fantasy Forest for your playful cats.

These one of a kind sculptured trees are hollow with holes that lead to shelves inside the tree trunk, where they can climb up to the tree-top lounging platforms, lay on the shelves inside the tree trunk and look out the entrance holes, or even just curl up and hide in the bottom of the tree trunk. Some cats climb up the outside of the trees to get to the tree top, but the shelves inside of the tree trunk are there not only for a lounging shelf, but also to help older, chubbier or declawed cats get to the tree-top platforms. This designer cat furniture is also wider than any other cat products out there today, giving your cats more room to play.

Each tree comes with some birds, nest/eggs and a sign for you to customize. Hidden Hollow Trees are functional, backing up flat to the wall to take up less space and are open in the rear for easy cleaning. You can completely customize your tree. Please visit our Add-Ons and Upgrades page. You can have them made to any size or add anything extra you might want or can dream up. Add a cute little castle door, a separate matching 32" tall sisal scratching post, a sisal scratching post attached to the base of the tree, a scratch patch on the tree, or fully enclose them with a rear rounded access door. They can even be made into furniture for decorating a child's room. From the Kitty Towers that fit into a corner, all of the Hidden Hollows, Kitty Chateau, Lil' Hickory, and Mountain Falls there is one to fit every lifestyle. Bring out your Cats' WILD Side! Delight yourself and your Kitties with one of these Magical Fantasy Trees.

6' Hidden Hollow

This Trees dimensions are 72" T x 42" W x 26" D and it weighs approx. 100lbs.

It has 2 shelves inside the tree trunk to lay on and look out or use to climb up to the tree-top, and it has 2 tree-top platforms on top of the main tree-top platform giving them plenty of lounging space. The Main lounging platform measures apprx. 42" x 26", minus the entrance hole to climb up an down from the tree trunk area, and the other 2 platforms are approx. 25" x 20" and 26" x 24".

They also have the space at the bottom of the tree trunk to lay and curl up in. It backs up flat to the wall to take up less space and is open in the rear for easy cleaning. It can also be fully enclosed with a rounded rear access door for those wanting it out in the open.

This enchanting little tree stump is 3' Tall and is purrrrrfect for lounging and sleeping. It is handcrafted from 100% wood and is great for those with limited space. The jagged edges give a realistic look to it.

Both lounging areas, on top and inside the tree trunk, are soft and luxurious. The inside of the tree trunk measures approximately 17" in diameter and is 21" tall, so even a larger cat has plenty of room. Small dogs can also use it as a sleeping area. It comes with a butterfly, dragonfly, bumble bee and some ivy growing up the sides of it.

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  1. Very cute! Do you have one of these, are those your cats? They are very cute!
    We took in a young stray when winter hit, so now we have two cats. But I was just saying yesterday how much they would love a little cat tree.

  2. These are fabulous! My cats would go nuts for them. We have one cat "tower" that is ten years old and looking pretty ragged.

  3. They look great - don't they?!?

    No, those aren't my cats, but I wish they were! We have two of our own and I just love them. I could have a ton, but my husband would kill me.