Friday, January 15, 2010

ALEX: Fantastic Spinner - Great Toys for Kids!

The Fantastic Spinner from ALEX is super cool! I even had a blast creating beautiful works of art with my kids. What's really awesome about this toy is that it doesn't require batteries. It's all kid-powered! Moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sitters - we all know that's a plus.

It was so easy to get started. The Fantastic Spinner comes with 4 bottles of paint (1.35 fl oz each/40ml), 20 spin paper cards, 3 colored cards, splash shield and easy instructions.

Just squeeze the handle and drip the paint. It's that easy. My 5 1/2 year old had no problems doing this on her own. You're able to squeeze the handle without a lot of fuss. However, it worked really well when I squeezed the handle for my kids so they could concentrate on dripping their different paint colors on the card.

Clean up was easy. Just rinse and wipe. Done.

We laid newspaper out on the table, but there was no splatter. The splatter guard takes care of that. However, my son removed it a couple of times without me knowing and surprisingly there was no mess.

I recommend this toy for anyone looking for creative art projects. My kids made some really beautiful paintings and we've used them as thank you cards for their teachers, friends and relatives. The recipients loved them! I think this toy would be a unique and FUN birthday gift, too!

You can also get a handy Fantastic Spinner Refill pack. It includes 4 bottles of spinner paint (1.35 fl oz/40ml each) and 23 cards. Plenty of stuff to make more art!
Head on over to ALEX to see all of their amazing toys for children of all ages!

ALEX sent me the spinner for this review and I provided my honest opinion.

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