Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tie Free Apron: Fun Gift for the Holidays!

With a one-step pull feature, you'll never have to tie another apron again! Our Tie-Free™ patented no tie apron design allows full neck and waist adjustment that even a child can put on and adjust without your help. Our Tie Free™ Toddler design is even simpler!

We will introduce more designs frequently, so check our site regularly and witness our expansion over time! Most styles are limited editions to remain as unique as possible.

We will include:
  • Parent-child matching no tie aprons
  • Elegant hostess no tie aprons
  • Water-proof aprons and accessories
  • Personalization of logos and popular icons

One of our favorite Tie-FreeTM toddler aprons, colorful flip flops adorns a generous front pocket and matching straps. Optional adjustments with slider. No tie apron = No help needed to put on! Cherry Red. In stock.

65/35 Polyester/Cotton. Machine washable. Made in USA. L18"xW13.5" (fits most age 3 to 5)

Head on over to Tie Free Apron to see all of the different styles for kids and adults!

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  1. no more flour skids on my hips? this product is awesome!!