Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Peacock Boutique: Fabulous Holiday Boutique Beanies & Broaches

We at Peacock Boutique have a passion for adding flair to life!

Our beautiful hair clips are always hand-made, which means that the pictures on the site may not be exactly what your purchase will look like...although we will get it as close as we can! We thoroughly enjoy the work we do, so if you have special orders, or suggestions as to what you want, please feel free to ask, and we will try to accommodate you the best we can!

Started by a stay-at-home Mom, our commitment to quality and cost consciousness are what drives our business today. We promise to give the best service possible, and in return, we hope that you will continue to buy our products...and of course, tell your friends about us! Happy shopping!

Check out the beautiful Christmas Accessories!

This is a one of a kind beanie that will be sure to set your baby apart from all the others! A gorgeous black brooch is offset by a rainbow of colored feathers...this would be amazing for baby photos or just to wear out! Hurry snatch this one up, because there's only 1!

Red Roses are gorgeous enough on their own, but we took this stunning flower, rimmed the petals with glitter, and put a huge, sparkling jewel in the center! Coupled with the perfect holiday dress, this accessory is sure to be a memorable addition to your holiday photos! (also available in white and black)

Click here to start shopping for your unique and beautiful Christmas accessories!

Advertorial from Peacock Boutique

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