Monday, November 2, 2009

Lil' Melon: Keep Your "Little Melon" Bruise-Free with Lil' Melon Baby Products

Welcome to Lil' Melon! We offer soft & stylish Baby Knee Pads and Cloth Wipes both mommies and babies will love!

Like many other products in the market, Lil’ Melon was born out of the frustration of a Mom and lil’ daughter who express their likes and dislikes very strongly.

“I want to develop products that I know would make both of us happy.” says Nancy Choe who is the founder and Mother of a toddler girl.

Nancy's daughter, Minji, was a very active baby, never wanting to be in a stroller or carried around. Minji would crawl and toddler everywhere and Nancy started to worry about her sensitive knees that were getting bruised and red. Nancy thinks “getting bruises is just part of growing up and parents should not over-protect their children from what is natural. But sometimes you need to give your child an extra layer of protection to help them be more confident and mobile on their own.”

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Lil' Melon Alphabet Cloth Baby Wipes (pack of 10)

Adorable English Alphabet print cloth baby wipes that busy parents can use everywhere they go. Lil' Melon cloth wipes are 100% cotton, light and soft. Use it instead of disposable wipes or bulky thick burp cloths and experience the versatility of having quick control over spills, burps, drools, snots and dirt. Our cloth wipes are easy to machine or hand wash, and they air dry quickly so you can use them over and over again in no time!

Lil' Melon cloth baby wipes also retain softness after multiple washes, so they will be extra gentle on your baby's delicate skin each time you use them. And they fit perfectly in your pocket for your convenience.

Washing Instructions: Very easy! Hand or machine wash. Wring and air dry or machine dry.

Measurements: 13 3/4" x 13 3/4" (35cm x 35cm)

Lil' Melon Baby Knee Pads

Thank you for shopping at Lil' Melon! Unlike many of the leading brands, our baby knee pads are light and thin enough for babies to comfortably crawl in them all day long, yet their paddings thick enough to protect those sensitive knees from bruises and scratches. Mommies love our stylish designs and the fact that our knee pads are so easy to use and take care of, while babies love the air ventilated comfiness and soft cotton fabric material touching their skin.

Understanding that every home has a different crawling environment, we also offer knee pads "with silicone debossed prints" to provide extra traction needed when babies crawl over the slippery surfaces such as hardwood floors and tiles. In most cases, however, both type of knee pads (with or without silicone traction) work well both indoors and outdoors so choose from the following 8 unique designs/colors to help your baby crawl with confidence today!

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