Friday, November 20, 2009

Kidswitch: The Original Glow-in-the-Dark Light Switch Extender for Kids

KidSwitch allows toddlers to safely reach and turn on and off their lights. KidSwitch was just awarded #1 Child Safety Item for 2008 and 9 by This award comes from perfect reviews and recommendation for the product by MOMS, not by “colleague friends” in the industry. KidSwitch allows parents to instill good energy saving habits in their toddlers at the perfect age. It also makes potty training much more effective as children can get up and turn on their room light and bathroom light by themselves without fear of the dark. It provides an independence that every child loves and makes every parent proud.

  • Teaches ENERGY SAVING Habits!
  • Allows toddlers to SAFELY reach and turn ON and OFF bedroom and bathroom lights!
  • Avoids injuries from children climbing on and falling off objects while trying to reach light switches.
  • Builds self-confidence!
  • Frees parents from performing this repetitive task!
  • Save Money: Stop leaving the lights ON all day!
  • GLOWS In The Dark!
  • Simple to Install!
  • Fun and EASY to Use!
  • Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and Playrooms!
  • Your child will SMILE and say, "I did it myself!"

When Kids Can't Reach the Light Switch!

Kids will find their own way to reach the lights! Which can mean standing on unstable toys, often leading to injuries.Parents have to constantly get up or drop what they are doing to perform this task.The lights are simply left on all day to avoid the potential injuries or the constant hassle - not good for the wallet or the environment!

Now Kids Can Reach the Light Switch!

KidSwitch allows kids to SAFELY reach and operate room lights! No more worry about falling off toys.Parents don't have to constantly turn lights on and off for the kids.Kids learn at an early age how to turn the lights OFF when they leave the room! Very good for the wallet and the environment!

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