Sunday, November 29, 2009

Kids Can Press: Give the Gift of Reading

My husband and I really stress the importance of reading to our children. We want them to enjoy it rather than feel they have to do it. We get excited when we come across a great book for our kids. My 5 1/2 year old daughter loves books so much. Books are taking up most of her Christmas list this year!

I was thrilled to receive some really wonderful books from Kids Can Press. I love this company and what they have to offer. These high quality books are a must have in any collection.

The Legend of Ninja Cowboy Bear - recommended ages 4-7

The ninja, the cowboy and the bear do everything together — they paint pictures, compare cloud shapes in the sky, fly kites and much more. Though each friend is very different from one another, they enjoy each other's company. Until one day when they begin quarreling and compete to see which one is the best. The bear can pile up rocks the highest. The cowboy can collect the most raspberries. The ninja can catch the most rabbits. When each contest leads to more resentment, it seems the friends will never stop disagreeing. Only when they learn to be considerate of their differences do they finally realize how much they appreciate each other.

The cute, yet stylized artwork combined with a fun story about friendship and celebrating differences make this legend an unforgettable one.

This playfully illustrated picture book also includes instructions for the Ninja-Cowboy-Bear game, which is similar to Rock Paper Scissors except that kids use their whole body.

Lulu’s Pajamas - recommended ages 2-6

Young Lulu has the best Mama and Papa in the world and the best pet ladybug, Lili-Poo. After her Mama tells her a story and her Papa sings a goodnight song, Lulu drifts gently off to sleep in her favorite soft-as-a-butterfly-kiss pajamas. In the morning she decides “never ever” to take them off again! What will she do when her friends laugh and her beloved pajamas show the scars of a busy day at school? Suddenly Lulu can hardly recognize her pajamas, and they sure don't smell like a pink dream anymore.

Lulu's spirited, independent handling of a childhood rite of passage - choosing one's own clothes - will resonate with both children and parents. Irresistible illustrations and Lulu's note-perfect child's voice will make Lulu's Pajamas a bedtime favorite sure to become as well-worn as an old pair of pajamas.
Who Lives Here? Savanna Animals - recommended ages 4-7

The savanna is home to exciting animals whose bodies are suited to living on the warm, grassy plain. Elephants, giraffes, lions, meerkats, zebras and other animals have special ways of finding food, raising families and protecting themselves in this habitat with long dry seasons and shorter rainy seasons.The Who Lives Here? series looks at animals in their natural habitats - rain forests, polar regions, deserts, wetlands and savannas - and explains how the body and habits of each animal are suited to the place it lives. Charming, realistic illustrations, playful language and intriguing facts make these books a perfect read for young children.

All three books have wonderful illustrations and stories. I really love their "View a Spread" feature on their website. I was able to view several spreads inside the book. That will be very helpful when choosing out your books.

This holiday season, treat your little one to some fantastic books from Kids Can Press. They offer an amazing selection for children. You can easily shop by age group - Preschool to Young Adult.

Kids Can Press sent the books for review and I provided my honest opinion

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