Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Hollywood Pets: Fun Pet Toys

We spoil our animals around here. They deserve nothing but the best! We're always on the lookout for unique toys.

My Hollywood Pets sent me some really wild pet products to review. If our dogs and cats could talk, they would definitely give them 2 thumbs up.

Here is more about the company from their website:

At, we are committed to creating customizable, one-of-a-kind apparel and accessories for your pet. Our store offers a full range of pet products at affordable prices, including dog carriers, dog clothes, leashes & collars, dog toys, cat toys, and personalized dog tee.

Hey hot stuff! Earl the Ultimate Chick Magnet Rubber Chicken Dog Toy is hilarious! Just look at him.

Say howdy to Earl, the ULTIMATE chick magnet! He is the king of the rubbernecks and hens all over town flock to him like a moth to a candle.

His hilarious squawk will definitely be a delight to your dog and they love to flop him around in their jaws.

Earl is handpainted and made of poly filled latex so he’s durable enough to stand up to your dog’s bites.

Lead Free!

Our dogs love to run after this! Throw the Doggy Hoots - Heave A Beaver Dog Toy Ring like a frisbee and they're off!

This chewable fetch toy turns dogs into eager beavers—eager to chase it, eager to catch it, and eager to thrash it around!

Stuffed with quality, non-toxic fiberfill, Heave a Beaver was made to be caught. It’s soft and flexible, yet tough and durable.

Like a Frisbee but way cuter and far more fun! And best of all, those sharp buck teeth can’t bite back. Heave it and leave it; your dog will do the rest.

The Kitty Hoots Scratchy Mat Doorknob Hanger is a great toy to have hanging around. Our cats love it. No more scratching the things they're not supposed to!

Cats rub their paws on everything—and you probably have the tattered drapes and frayed nerves to prove it!

She loves marking her territory with her scent and her mark, partly because it feels so good!
Let her keep grooming those claws and stretching her limbs with this scratchy mat doorknob hanger.

It’s natural and recyclable, and comes with a soft feather attached. Bet you can’t say that for your drapes!

Use this discount code to get 10% OFF all orders: myhollywoodpets. And be sure to get your free dog shirt here. Orders over $30 receive free shipping!

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