Thursday, October 8, 2009

MomCards: Mommy Calling Cards

Mom Cards allow parents to keep connected with one another and provide a simple, yet effective way of exchanging contact information.

No more tearing sheets of paper and looking for a pen to exchange information with friends and fellow parents.

Photo templates available. Put a face with a name - stay in touch effectively!

Great looking, customizable designs to suit your needs and reflect your personality. You can optionally include the names of your children as well!

All products printed on a high quality, thick 14PT or 16PT Cardstock with a glossy UV coated front side and a smooth Matte finish on the back than can be written on for extra notes.

We offer the best price for quantity on all products. You will never get less than 200 cards, so you'll always have enough to go around, and still pay the same low price!

We take as much pride in making our prints unique as we do in helping you define yourself and promote your individuality. All of our products are printed with the proper finishes including matte and glossy bright UV film depending upon the product. Matte surfaces can be written on for additional notes, thank-you's, memos and filling in blanks.

And for the details...Finished Size: 3.5" width X 2.0" height [standard business card size]14PT OR 16PT Cardstock, UV Front/Matte Back. Full color front side.

View all designs here!

MomCards offers high quality cards at exceptionally low prices. Compare MomCards' 250 count 16PT (extra-thick) cardstock, with full color front/back, design-it-online and free shipping for only $19.99. While others offer 200 count 14PT (thinner) cardstock, full color, no designing online for $50.00. The price and quality is noticeably different at MomCards!

All MomCards are currently 15% OFF plus FREE SHIPPING! Check out their new Teacher Cards here. $5.00 of each purchase will go as a donation to the school identified on the back of the card!

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