Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lollipop Rascals: Sweet Playtime Adventures

Looking for some great gifts for that special boy and girl in your life?! Lollipop Rascals offers the cutest play products for kids!

Here is a bit more about this company from their website:

As a proud mother of four children, a grandmother of two, and aunt of several little ones (I like to call them all rascals); I have spent much time helping children learn and grow over the years. But any mother knows no two children are alike!

I founded Lollipop Rascals LLC to provide mothers, aunts, uncles and friends, a one-stop-shop online store that offers unique and educational children's gifts. Our storybook collections are designed to enhance reading - creating a truly interactive playtime experience, making books come to life! Each Adventure Collection centers around an inspirational storybook, offering designer toys, games, activity sets, dress up clothing and costumes, and other fun treasures that encourage the development of children’s individuality, imagination, creativity, and social interaction!

Sprinkle fairy dust, flutter your wings, and see what the fairy world brings!

Gift set includes:

Story: Expand your rascal’s imagination with the make-believe world of Caroline Repchuk’s activity book, Be a Little Fairy. Hardcover - Read together ages 3 - 6, read alone 6 - 9.

Fairy Necklace and Jewelry Case: This jeweled carrying case is perfect for fairies on the go! The whimsical turquoise and lime charm box includes our delicately-beaded "Josephine" necklace. Polyester and cotton with cloth lining. 6 1/2" H. Imported.

October “Rascal Special”
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An imaginative adventure that's out of this world!

Gift set Includes:

Story: A wonderfully wacky book within a book about an author in search of silly alien friends, written by Colin McNaughton. Take off in a rocket ship and meet a ghastly array of alien creatures--some smelly and some with eyes in their belly. Madcap rhymes and zany illustrations will tickle kids’ funny bones, while a book within a book drives home a final twist. Hardcover Read together ages 4 - 6, read alone 6 - 9.

Reading Buddy: A Lollipop Rascal Exclusive, "Martians" from the Italian toy designer, Sevi. This little green Martin is the perfect, plush reading buddy for alien space adventure. Soft and cuddly, he can charm any wacky aliens your rascal may encounter on their space travels. To the stars and off to Mars! Machine washable/ 11 3/4" H. Imported from Italy.

October “Rascal Special”
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Head on over to Lollipop Rascals to see all of their wonderful products. And be sure to take advantage of these excellent discount codes!

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