Monday, September 28, 2009

Just Ducky Originals: Classic Clothes for Kids

Break out the cameras! Set up those picture appointments! Just Ducky Originals offers the cutest holiday outfits for your family. Have fun customizing your one-of-a-kind design.

Here is more about them from their website:

I started the company back in 1980 and have been working here actively ever since. I guess you can call me a true entrepreneur because I am not trained in business. I never felt restricted by rules of 'well, don't try that because the business model says that won't work'. I found quickly that our strength was more working one-on-one with the customers and being able to give them what they wanted.

Just Ducky began in 1980 out of a vision for truly custom classic children's fashions. Each season, we create a collection with a mix of true classics and updated designs.

Red Contrast Jumper with Monogram Option

NEW!! Contrast Jumper: Sweet A-line jumper has contrast trim at yoke and on straps. Shown in 100% cotton #24 Red Babywale with #10 Polka dot Letter in apple green with white dots. Contrast fabric is 100% cotton #22 Lime Mini Dot.

Click here to see the size chart.

Apple Houndstooth Reversible Longall with Embroidery Option

REVERSIBLE Longall: Versatile longall is completely reversible with extra length on strap to allow for growth. Cuff can be rolled to show contrast on reverse side. Shown in 100% cotton #10 Apple Houndstooth with #37 Christmas Crane embroidery . Side two fabric is 100% cotton #31 Navy Babywale

Click here to see their gallery for great customizing ideas!

Just Ducky Originals would like to offer you 15% OFF your order until 11/15/09 with the discount code: FM1115

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