Sunday, July 12, 2009

TravelKiddy: We pack the activities, you enjoy the trip!

As a busy mom myself, I know how hard it is to juggle life and kids. Here is a company, TravelKiddy, that strives to help make our lives a little easier!

We are parents that love to travel with our kids. Unable to find travel activity kits on the market that met our needs, we created our own. After numerous requests from friends and fellow travelers, we decided to create them for others.

The variety makes our TravelKiddy™ activity kits unique. We worked with child development experts, parents, and kids to select just the right assortment of products that stimulate all areas of the brain. The result? Kids are entertained for longer and parents enjoy the journey.

Need something extra special? Customize a TravelKiddy™ to fit the occasion. We can create a destination or theme TravelKiddy™ for a truly memorable experience.

Not just for travel! Use the TravelKiddy™ anytime quiet entertainment is needed – in restaurants, while waiting for appointments, or when the kids are sick.

Bring along accessories from TravelKiddy™ to create the ultimate travel experience!

The PocketKiddy™ is a mini activity kit sized to tuck neatly in a purse or diaper bag. It is perfect to pull out while waiting for flights, in lines, or at restaurants.

Make bath or pool time while traveling a blast with our BathKiddy™. Sea animals, squirt toys, color changing rubber ducky, toy boat and even a magic washcloth make for fabulous water fun.

Complete the travel package with a fleece travel blanket. Choose from our stock of yellow or green 3x5 washable blankets or customize it with the color and size of your choice.

Their TravelKiddy for ages 6+ includes:

Lime green canvas bag
9x12 foam core board
16 count Crayola crayons in durable contained (to minimize breakage)
Hand sanitizing wipes
Wikki Stix
3 small animals
Melissa and Doug 6x9 doodle pad - 50 pages
At least 3 small toys (examples include spring toy, pinball and maze games, wind up animals, finger puppets)
2 3-d animal puzzles
Die cast metal car - NEW ITEM
Puzzle ball
Magnetic drawing board
Ever sharp pencil
Ruler with fun stencils
6 sticker sheets
Small colorful snake
2 color your own postcards with stamps
Sticker activity fun book with over 50 stickers
Age appropriate craft (examples include color your own hat, make a canoe)
Activity book
Coloring book

Make bath time extra fun with their BathKiddy!


Mesh bag, magic wash cloth, squirt croc, 3 vinyl sea animals, color changing rubber ducky, small boat, and bath stickers. Note that soap and shampoo are NOT included.

TravelKiddy offers many different budget friendly products and activity kits to help make your life as stress-free as possible. Visit this helpful company to make your next trip, exciting, fun and most of all...relaxing!

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