Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stickiestory: Personalized Sticker Books

Each StickieStory is a personalized storybook with the names and pictures of you and your friends. These unique stories are the perfect combination of a fun game and an adventure story and YOU are the main character!

Just follow these four steps:

Step 1: Select a STORY

Step 2: Upload your character INFORMATION and PHOTOS

Step 3: Confirm your PAYMENT and shipping address

Step 4: RECEIVE your order at home

Choose your friends, family members, and even your pets as characters in your adventure. Remember, it's your story, so anything goes!

Paste your stickers into your book, and enjoy reading your personalized story over and over!

Book Features:
Height: 11 in
Wide: 8.5 in
Pages: 12
Paper: Full color glossy

Check out their different stories here.

These look so fun!

Don't miss the newest StickieStory, exclusively for girls: MAGIC PRINCESS. In this magical story, follow the adventures of a beautiful princess who will do anything necessary to save her friend who is trapped at the top of a tower.

What a fun and imaginative project for the whole family to get involved with. Grab your children and head on over to Stickiestory to see how you can customize your very own!


  1. Cool han!!! that's a good experience or so much interesting... kids will love it... as they are interested 2 movies story books with colorful pictures...

    cleon dann