Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Primo Activewear: Celebrate the drive to be your very best

Here is more about Primo Activewear from their website. This company has a great message behind it!

In August 2007 Primo Activewear was born out of motherhood, unemployment, deaths in the family, and yes ....surfing.

Entering the Folly Beach, SC parking lot with our3 young boys, the challenges began to fly from the back seat.”First one on the beach wins”,“First one in water wins”, “First one up on the surfboard wins”, EVERYTHING is a competition to them. On that beach I had an epiphany… life is a competition. We are either competing against others to succeed or competing against ourselves to be our personal best. I believe, in either case, this competitive spirit paves the way to our greatest successes.

Primo Activewear was born simply from the inference of my maiden name meaning the best or #1, but since that trip to the beach “Primo” has evolved to possess a spirit and direction that drives us in our daily life. I believe we live a better life when we challenge ourselves to achieve our personal best with what we’ve been given, whether it’s in sports, school, work, marriage or even illness. We must all “Find our Primo”: embrace our challenges, work hard, battle self doubt, persevere, believe and win.

In the spirit of our three wildly competitive boys, I embraced the “First 1 Up Wins” line. I thought this was a fun way to celebrate the lighthearted approach children have toward competition. Over time, I have found that “first 1up wins” means more than just being the first brother to get up on a surfboard; it means many things, to many people, of all ages and areas of life.

With the love and support of our family, friends and community, we have set out on a mission to spread the Primo Philosophy one person, one t-shirt at a time.

We can all be winners, we can all find our Primo, we can all be the first 1 up!

Declare the winner within with this "First 1 Up Wins" surfer tee! Pigment dyed, 100% ringspun heavyweight cotton. A super soft t-shirt infused with its own uniqueness, a lived-in look and virtually no shrinkage with washing and drying. 3" Primo logo under back collar. (Also available in a heavyweight white t-shirt -- allow for 1/2-1" shrinkage with white)

Find your inner strength, embrace your challenges, work hard, persevere, believe, and win...Find Your Primo. Sport this message on the back of a 100% heavyweight cotton t-shirt and your favorite sport on the front. Please allow for up to 1" shrinkage with first washing and drying.

This company offers clothing for kids, women and men as well as sun protection and visors. Primo Activewear would like to offer you 15% OFF your order with the discount code: FUNKYMONKE (yes, without the "y").

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