Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Little Roo: Vintage slipcovers for your front baby carrier

Add some serious style with My Little Roo!

My Little Roo slipcovers slip on and off easily to your existing front baby carrier. The slipcover is designed to slip on the front portion of the front baby carrier. Simply detach all the straps so you have only the front of the carrier in hand. Slip the front of the carrier into the slipcover through the overlay opening on the back chenille side. Pull it through so the carrier is laying flat in the slipcover. Designed like a pillow sham. Re-attach the straps and you're ready to go.

My Little Roo slipcovers are made in the USA with 100% cotton and vintage/recycled chenille. Their slipcovers are machine washable and can be machine dried. A light iron may be used, if desired. Slipcovers are not reversible.

This product fits all the Baby Bjorn carriers including synergy, active, air, original star and original, Lascal M1 Carrier, Snugli soft comfort vent, Infantino euro rider and Jeep 2 in 1 front pack carrier.

Click here to see their new designs and visit this company to see all of their wonderful styles!

My Little Roo would like to offer you FREE SHIPPING with the discount code: Mamma. Or you take 15% OFF your order with the discount code: CMP.

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