Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Metro Tots: The one & only storage solution for your stroller

You've managed to fit 3 kids into a 2 bedroom apartment. You've found a way for your Philippe Starck to live with your Fisher Price, your Noguchi with their Noggin...

Through clever storage and cool new modern designs in childrens gear, you finally have a place where your children and your style can happily coexisit....except for...that STROLLER....

It's huge, it cost you a fortune, and it's a neccessity. But where do you put it? The neighbors scowl if you leave it in the hallway (illegal they say, as it's a fire hazard). It folds, but the fact that it's on wheels makes it impossible to stay upright in a closet, and at about $1,000.00 a square foot in this city, it's costing you a fortune in lost space!

Fear not...finally a solution. Under the heading of 'Why didn't someone think of that sooner?' comes the StrollAway! It is an over the door (no wall or door damage from screws) stroller storage system.

Constructed of sturdy steel, the StrollAway will accommodate most stroller models, and folds flush to the door when not in use! Hang it on the back of the closet door and voila! Out of sight until your next jaunt with Junior!

StrollAway Features:
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Slides easily over the door
  • Spacer included to fit any door width
  • Folds flush to the wall when not in use
  • Coming soon! Wall mount version for the garage, and multi stroller system
  • Finally, a way to get your stroller off the floor and out of the way
Instructions for use:
  • Remove spacer for wider doors
  • Slide StrollAway over top of door
  • Place your Folded stroller onto arms of the StrollAway
  • The StrollAway is designed to flex to accommodate a heavier stroller
Click here to place your order today from Metro Tots!

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