Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kelty Kids: Speedster Swivel Deuce Stroller

My eyes have been opened. Now that I've experienced the magic of Kelty Kids, I understand what my old stroller was lacking. And boy oh boy, it was a lot!

Their high-performance Speedster Deuce -Swivel Stroller features a secure five-point, adjustable child’s harness and operates like a dream. I can honestly say it's a terrific top notch stroller that would work well for any mom on-the-go!

It folds easily which is a MUST! It features great storage options - keys, water bottles, etc. The independent reclining seats are terrific and the fully padded frame is amazing. The easily adjustable handle can range from 34˝ to 45˝. The five-point, adjustable harness offers unparalleled security. The adjustable Sun/Rain Hood protects your precious cargo from the elements. The lockout option easily navigates any terrain. Quick release wheels make transporting the Speedster a breeze.

When I tested this out on my friend's two youngsters for the day, I realized I had been missing out! My old stroller was NOTHING compared to this winner. It's absolutely, without a doubt, perfect and everything I wished I had back when my kids were younger.

Weight: 26 lb. 13 oz. / 12.2 kg
Maximum Load Weight: 100 lb / 45.4 kg
Dimensions:Length: 52” / 132 cm
Width: 34” / 86.4 cm
Height: 45” / 114.3 cm

Body fabric: 600D poly
Frame material: aluminum

Safety Features:
Five-point adjustable child’s harness
Rear wheel brakes
Runaway leash

Stroller Features:
Swivel front wheel, with lockout option
Adjustable tracking
Easy folding
Independently reclining seats
Fully padded seat and frame
Adjustable-height handle (34-45”)
Quick-release wheels
Full-coverage fender
Adjustable sun/rain canopy
Lightweight aluminum frame
Reflective tape
Seat-back storage pocket with key fob
Under-seat storage bin
Water bottle holders

Visit Kelty Kids today to view all of their different stroller styles as well as their backpacks, outdoor furniture, tents, organizers and more! This amazing company will help make your outdoor activities out-of-this-world!

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  1. I liked reading about the Kelty Deuce. We have this too, and I have some questions. I cannot turn it at all on locked mode. It just falls off the sidewalk. I can't push down on the handlebar, even. I could never jog with it around the block, like I could with my Schwinn Freewheeler double (even on locked). So, I run on swivel mode. That is fine, but of course it's not supposed to be as safe.
    I find the folding a bit awkward compared to the one-hand fold on the Instep we used to have. Also, unfolding is very hard. I have to sort of pop it in the air.
    Can you try this stroller out in locked mode with two kids? I just wonder what you think. Thanks!
    write me at