Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Joseph Thomas: True Candles

True luxury candles are fragranced with complex perfume-based scents and they are presented in a chocolate suede box, adorned with stainless steel labels, and wrapped in ribbon of a different color to coincide with each fragrance. Each candle is uniquely displayed in a deep brown glass illuminating a warm glow. Willow is a blend of thai lemongrass, dalmatian sage and mossy fern which blend to create the penultimate spa essence fragrance.

Fragranced arranged botanical potpourri presented in a gorgeous tapered glass vase. An elegant way to fragrance your home and/ or a unique gift. Dogwood Blossom is a delicate blend of celadon tea and airy ozone fragrances- finishes sweet and powdery for a fragrance as delicate as its namesake.

You may purchase these beautiful, classy candles from the True Home Fragrance collection by Joseph Thomas from Gifts That Make Scents.

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