Friday, July 31, 2009

Amuse Me: Beautiful Aprons & Nursing Covers

Who could resist wanting to be mommy's little helper in the adorable aprons offered from Amuse Me?! These darling creations are cute as can be and come in a variety of beautiful patterns.

You can also find matching nursing covers that are every bit as sweet.

Here is more about this company from their website:

When I became a Mom... I told myself I would nurse my baby for six months, "that's it". At the six-month mark I found myself unable to give up that particular form of intimacy and bonding with my baby. Instead I decided to embrace it wholeheartedly. The idea for Amuse Me Amusement nursing covers was inspired by my love of nursing my daughter and the necessity to maintain some modesty while nursing in public as an urban Mom on the go.

20 months later my second "baby" was born... Amuse Me is a Los Angeles based company designing Amusement Nursing Covers for the Breast-Feeding Mom. While nursing my baby I noticed that she was reluctant to be covered up in public and would throw the cover off, eager to take in her new surroundings. The spiral pattern of bows was designed to hold the baby's interest while nursing and keeping them Amused and covered when you want them to be. No matter what position baby is being nursed in, the bows are placed to be easily accessible to them. Little hands can explore color and texture while refining fine motor skills and coordination.

A little about the Amusement cover styles...Not only does breastfeeding create an intimate bond between Mom and baby, it also fosters a bond with other women going through similar experiences as new Mothers. I have been fortunate enough to know several of these women, whom I now call friends. These ladies and their beautiful babies were the inspiration for the patterns and colors of the Amusement covers. To them I dedicate featured styles and thank them for providing me with generous support and inspiration through the birth of both of my babies.

Enjoy this special time with your little one!

-Lisa Haukom

Check out their Ferris Blue and Ferris Pink aprons. They also come in Ferris Yellow and four other colorful patterns.

This wonderful company has been featured in magazines such as Parents, Cookie and Pregnancy & Newborn. It's no wonder - they're aprons and nursing covers are gorgeous. Head on over to Amuse Me to see all of their lovely products.

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