Wednesday, December 17, 2008


ZipBin specializes in portable play toys. Their products are a mom's best friend! I love their creations and want to personally thank the person behind this wonderful product. THANK YOU! My kids love them and so do I!

My kids have a lot of toys. Often they're spread out all over the floor and getting them to pick them all up, in a timely manner of course, is difficult at times. The ZipBin is the neatest toy and storage box in one. The bins themselves transform into a playmat. When your kids are done playing, they just zip it up and whatta ya know, it's a bin again. They are crazy good!

I received the Country Stable Play Set, the Racer Softie, and the Mini Farm. My kids carry these around with them everywhere they go. They are great to take along to grandma's, travel with, and just plain have fun with. I think these would make excellent gifts for the kid who has it all. They're sure to be a hit. 

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