Saturday, December 13, 2008

Zen Class

The dreaded 6 hour flight...I know you've been held up at an airport with your little ones at least one time in your life. As much as you would like to forget about it, it's pretty hard not to. Toys are flying, tickets are falling, and bottles are dropping. I've been there, done that, and don't want to go through that dreadful experience again. Well guess what? I'll never have to thanks to The Nirvana Organizer!

Zen Class makes the best line of organizational accessories suited for air passenger travel. The Nirvana bag is your answer for ease and comfort. Never again will you be digging through that black hole you call a bag. All of your items will be clearly visible in this revolutionary organizer.

I was thoroughly impressed with my Nirvana Organizer from Zen Class. It's an amazing bag that gives me tons of options. I love that! I can use this in an airplane, on the back of a vehicle seat and on a baby stroller. The possibilities are endless. It comes with a fully adjustable strap so once zipped up, it's a great bag to tote around and carry comfortably.

The Nirvana Organizer features easy grip handles and magnetic top closure for easy access and security. That was a great bonus feature! Pen and pencil holders, bottle/cup holder, key chain clips, tons of storage pockets...this attractive bag has got it all. It's black in color and designed with style in mind.

It's time to stop stressing moms. Bring back the enjoyment of traveling with friends and family. You moms deserve the best. Travel with class....Zen Class.

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