Monday, December 29, 2008


Congratulations to the following giveaway winners!

Label Daddy - Nancy

Ecobags (122 comments) - Jennifer, Andreah @ Life's a Hoot and Connie

The Little Travelers - silverhartgirl

Psycho Baby (313 comments) - simply anonymom

inkubook (131 comments) - Jenna, britzy and abcdbanda

Mr. Bobbles' Blankets (162 comments) - Connie

**All winners are chosen using I have emailed you all.


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  2. Facing public humiliation, this is the only way I thought of to reach you as your email keeps coming back as a fatal error.

    Good Morning!

    Am I the Jennifer that won one of the Ecobags? My email is acting up, so I figured I should check if it was indeed me (crossing my fingers). I am Jennifer (obviously) or knittingmomof3(AT)gmail(DOT)com My website is and I twitter as knittingmomof3.

    It has been a long week and I am only receiving some of my mail, so when I went to your blog, I still could not tell and decided to make a fool out of myself and send you and email.

    Thanks for listening to the rambles of a exhausted mom.

    Jennifer aka knittingmomof3

  3. Yes, I emailed you too Jennifer, but I guess you never received it.

    Please send me your choices and your mailing address. Here is my email again: