Saturday, December 6, 2008


Customizable footwear for that's cool! U*Neaks offers you and your children the ability to change the look of your shoes using colorful socks with their clear side panel windows. They also offer their own line of socks which includes Madagascar designs. My son was especially excited to see those! Once he saw what U*Neaks could do, he was in love. Don't worry, they also offer adorable styles for girls.

I was especially excited to receive this product. Karin was sweet enough to send me 4 pairs of U*Neaks socks along with the shoes. The fun part was changing the look of the shoe with the change of a sock. The Camel/Rev style for boys is really nice. They definitely are some of the best looking shoes my son has owned. They're nice in the picture, but even better than expected. U*Neaks gets my vote for Top Craftsmanship!

Now is your chance to own a pair of these special shoes. U*Neaks is offering my readers a special 30% off and free standard shipping with discount code: monkey. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Offer expires 12-24-08. 

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