Thursday, December 4, 2008

Goosie Cards

These have got to be one of the most creative products I have seen for children. I am talking about Goosie Cards. After I experienced my "Why I didn't I think of that" moment, I really explored the package I received and fell in love with all of it. The packaging was fun, vibrant and just as high quality as the cards themselves.

Jennifer Marchetti is the founder and CEO of Goosie Cards. Named after her son, Goosie Cards became an instant success after she came up with the idea while sitting at lunch. Jennifer had her first trade show in December of 2006. Little did she know, a set of her cards were purchased and passed on to the CEO of FAO Schwarz. She soon received a surprise phone call and the rest is history.

Goosie Cards are the first and only custom cards out there for children. The ordering process is so easy. The cards are created online in the comfort of your own home. You use your personal photos and language. Members can log in to their account at and begin uploading those special photos to use on their very own custom flashcards. Choose from a set of 10, 20, or 26 custom cards. Their prices are very reasonable for the quality and customization you will receive.

Goosie Cards are very durable for any age and come in a really nice size. No more flimsy cards here! These beauties will last and are like nothing you've seen before! If you need more photos, Goosie Cards offers over 150 FREE full color professional photos from you to choose from. Mix and match for a wonderful selection of cards for your child.

Winner of the 2008 Product of the Year Award from Creative Child magazine, Goosie Cards provide a wonderful learning tool that people can't get enough of. I love educational toys that are entertaining as well. I highly recommend these cards for your children. What a unique and memorable gift these would make for the holidays. They will surely bring a smile to any face!

Be proactive in the early development of your children! Head on over to Goosie Cards to receive your FREE SHIPPING compliments of Jennifer herself. Use discount code: freeship08. Offer expires 12/31/08.

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