Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Go-Blanket

Does your family love to picnic? How about camping? Need to take the baby to soccer games? The Go-Blanket is a great product for your family. Place it on damp grass, wet ballpark seats and just about anywhere you want a soft and comfy layer for your child.

Andy was kind enough to send me The-Go Blanket featured on their homepage. The animal crackers toddler blanket is the perfect size for a little one. However, they offer larger sizes and colors online. I now know where I can find one to fit my whole family.

I was really impressed with the softness and craftsmanship. The blanket is 100% waterproof, breathable and isn't bulky or stiff at all. No one wants to carry around a huge blanket. It nicely folds up for easy storage. The Go-Blanket is very warm, lightweight and made from high quality fleece. This would be great to protect furniture and to use as an indoor/outdoor playmat.

The Go-Blanket is machine washable, won't pill or shed and is proudly made in the USA. They offer free Priority Mail Shipping! Make this a part of your family outdoor activities.

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