Saturday, December 6, 2008

Flip and Tumble

You see them everwhere. They clog roadside drains. Hang from bushes. Clog our landfill and even hurt our sea life. Yes, I'm talking about the dreaded plastic bags. We consume more plastic bags than we know what to do with.

In comes Flip and Tumble...a company that has made reusbale bags extremely USABLE! We see "green" bags in almost every store now, but I personally don't see many people using them. Are they too much of a hassle to remember? Difficult to bring along? Who knows. One thing I know is, I've found a reusable bag that fits easily into my purse and pocket. What's the excuse now? There is none. Flip and Tumble has come to the rescue!

Flip and Tumble offers 2 styles of reusable bags. The 24/7 and the loopt bag. I was lucky to have both sent to me by sweet Eva from Flip and Tumble. I love, love, love these bags! They are lightweight, roomy and a snap to fold or roll up. The 24/7 is my fave and rolls up to the size of a small peach.

Flip on over to Flip and Tumble. It's a great company with big ideas. Check out what offer. With my Flip and Tumble bags, I'm helping the environment. What a great feeling. Every bag can make a difference.

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