Monday, December 15, 2008


Being a mom of 2 little ones, a wife, a student and working part time outside the home, life can get really busy! Anything to help me relax is a good thing! My Evolve showerhead is an amazing find! I received the Waterlily model and it makes my old showerhead look absolutely pitiful.

I used to think taking a shower was actually a waste of time. Okay, now don't get me wrong - I'm a very neat and clean person, but there were so many other things to do than watch the time tick away in the shower each morning. Now I MAKE the time to take a shower - thanks to Evolve.

Evolve creates Eco friendly showerheads using ShowerStart technology. Keep reading...this is cool. When your water reaches a comfortable 95 degrees, the flow of the water stops and becomes nothing more than a trickle. Give a light tug on the pull cord, and your hot water is steadily flowing again. No more wasting water while trying to brush your teeth or grab that last cup of coffee. It's an ingeniuous design.

I feel everyone should switch to an Evolve showerhead. They offer a wide variety of models on their website. The Waterlily is heavenly. It acts as a rain shower, but has enough pressure to get the job done. I received the brush nickel finish and it's really great looking. I'll never go back to my old ways again. It's a nice feeling to save water, cut down on my utility bill and enjoy showering for once! Who knew!

You can also take 20% off your order with discount code: banana08. Offer good until 12/31/08. 

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