Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cupcake Cuddles

Luckily, my kids love to brush their teeth. The problem is, they have the wide handle toothbrushes. You know, the kind with famous cartoon character pictures on them. They just don't fit in our standard toothbrush holder. They get placed on the counter, soon drop and then just dirty. I've found a solution.

Cupcake Cuddles offers the cutest animal toothbrush holders called Flipper! I received the panda and my kids love this thing. It's an adorable design and holds their toothbrushes to keep them sanitary and out of the way. It has a little suction cup on the back to easily attach to many surfaces. It's really simple to use and maintain. The kids can open it up themselves. Just hold the handle, give it a gentle pull and it will "flip" open. Take your toothbrush out and it will close by itself. As you can see, it's a great design for kids of all ages.

They come in the sweetest styles too - animal world, dino egg, my puppy and ozy for moms and dads. I bet your kids would love one of these. Here's your chance to get your hands on one. Debbie over at Cupcake Cuddles was kind enough to offer my readers 10% off all toothbrush holders until 1/31/09. Use discount code: funky monkey at checkout.

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