Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bored Inc.

Looking for really unique items?! Bored Inc. has them! Their Angry Flowers, Save Our Sushi, Stinky Poo and TokyoBunnie lines say it all. I had a lot of fun browsing through their website. They offer a nice variety of items from tees, tote bags, plushies, vinyl wall decals, belts, wallets...the list goes on!

I received the Cute as a Cupcake toddler tee. It's just that - really cute! My daughter loves the fun design and sweet colors. I love it because she's our little cupcake! I also received buttons from their Stinky Poo line. Ewwww, poo??? Yes, poo. But it gave me a good laugh and they're pretty dang cute too.

If you want a unique item for yourself or your little one, click here to visit the creative mother and daughter team, Bored Inc. They are offering 15% off your order with discount code: susannah banana.

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